Ultra-Edge composite edging is the new longer-lasting garden edging that finally allows gardeners to have both attractive and weed-free planting areas. Unlike hard to install black coil or expensive metal edging that quickly rusts, Ultra-Edge’s natural finish adds a touch of beauty to any outdoor space. Ultra-Edge’s tough composite construction is guaranteed to last 25 years against cracking, rotting, peeling or chipping when hit by a lawnmower or weed trimmer. Ultra Edge is now available in two colors (brown and green) and two different heights (5.375”H x 20’L and 3.5"H x 16’ L)

  • Extremely durable - won't crack, rot, peel or chip 
  • Flexible construction bends easily around flower beds 
  • Earth friendly - contains renewable wood components 


Item # Description Color Size
8415 Ultra-Edge™ Green
8416 Ultra-Edge™ Brown

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