Jobe's Smart Watering System

JOBE’S® SMART WATERING SYSTEM is a new and different plant-watering product that uses a patented ‘Flo-Disk’ technology to allow just the right amount of life-giving water to be released daily. Plants can thrive for extended periods without personal care. Just fill the water reservoir and the Jobe’s ‘Flo-Disk’ does the rest.

The Smart Watering System is ideal for use during long vacations, hot weekends away from home or even daily use. Best of all, you can be confident that your plants won’t be overwatered and will remain healthy. The kit comes complete with a 34 oz. water reservoir, watering spike and 3 ‘Flo-Disks’ for up to 6 months of continuous use. Extra 'Flo-Disks' are available in 3-pack blister cards. Jobe’s Smart Watering SystemThe Smart, Easy Way to Keep Plants Watered, Alive and Healthy.
  •   Keeps plants watered for up to 3 weeks
  •   Ideal for vacation watering
  •   Patented 'Flo-Disk' prevents overwatering


Item # Description Size
57001 Jobe's Smart Watering System
1 unit
57301 Jobe's Smart Watering 'Flo-Disks' Pack
3 Disks

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